Creating groupings and then registering business cards

When you wish to group business cards, we recommend that you make tags in advance on Sansan for "characteristics" or "industry", and then when you scan the business cards you receive, select an appropriate tag and add it.
If you group the business cards you have, you can take effective actions such as recommending services and products appropriate for each group.

1. Create a tag on Sansan for PC 2. Adding the tag when scanning 3. Business cards will be grouped by characteristics or industry 4. Take actions appropriate for each group


Flow and functions used

From the "Tag Management" screen, use "Add New Tag " to create a new tag. By grouping by characteristics or industry, the convenience will increase, and doing searches will be easier.
Examples: (characteristics) Customer / Client / End user / Agent / Retail / Partner / Purchaser
Examples: (industries) Finance / Real estate / Restaurant / IT / Services

When scanning the business cards you have received, select the appropriate tag from the Tablet PC. By doing this, the card will be digitized with the tag added to it. There will be no need to add a tag from Sansan later, and you will have business card groupings made.


Flow Functions used Note
Step 1.
Create a new tag
Tags Only shared tags will be displayed on the Tablet PC, so please create a shared tag.
Step 2.
Add the tag when scanning
Adding tags when scanning  
Step 3.
Approach your targets separately
  By using the tags for grouping according to characteristic or industry, you can send emails to introduce products appropriate to the groups, and approach your targets more strategically.
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