Handing over information smoothly without missing anything


Just by using customer profiles that contain customer accounts, phone numbers, old reports and memos, unfortunately you can never communicate all the important information that you want to. However, just by using the Report functions in Sansan, you can keep records of conversations starting from the business cards. You can extract information about when you met people, what you talked about, and easily communicate more accurate information.

1. Meet or call clients 
2. Record contents of the conversation in Reports
3. Person in charge changes
4. The new person views the past Report information


Flow and functions used

Register the information of what you spoke about with your clients in the Reports, and store the information. By writing down the small requests your clients have, you can avoid problems that happen when changing people in charge. Also, by doing settings for Report tracker, the contents you registered can be automatically sent to your boss, and thus be used as a daily report.


Flow Functions used Note
Step 1.
Register the Report
Report registration  
Step 2.
Person in charge changes
Step 3.
View Reports
View Reports Search from the Report list, or check the history of Report information from the report section of "Details about this person"
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