I want to send greeting cards (New Years cards, Christmas cards, notifications of address changes)


When making seasonal greetings cards, you can extract recipients from your client list to make a sending list. Then just print the names and addresses, and send.

1. Create client list 2. Create sending list 3. Print 4. Send


Flow and functions used

SExtract targets using search function from customer list accumulated on Sansan. And download the data as a sending list. Based on that list, print and send postcard using address creation software you have.


Flow Functions used Note
Step 1.
Extract recipients
Advanced search Search to extract clients you want to send to
Step 2.
Create list
名Download business card data To download the list, permission to download is necessary.
Step 3.
  Use software that you have to print the cards
(Sansan itself does not have an address-printing function)
Step 4.
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