Specifying senders and using bulk email delivery


Here we will introduce how to specify senders and use bulk email delivery. If multiple users in your company have the business card of the same person, you can avoid sending double emails by using the "Consolidate the same "email" option, but as this function will use the most recent business card received date to select a user as a sender, other users cannot be set to be the sender. Set the user you want as the sender, avoid double sending, and send out bulk emailings.

1. Download 2. Check on Excel 3. Add tags 4. Email delivery


Flow and functions used

Search for the data of the people you want to send the bulk email to, and download the data with the item of "Card ID" added in. Inspect the list to find if multiple users have the same card, and choose the person you want to be the sender. Once you have inspected this list, do a search for the Card IDs from the list on Sansan, add a tag, and then use the tag as the recipient for the bulk email delivery to send emails with the senders of your choice.


Flow Functions used Note

Step 1. (5 minutes)
Download business card data

Download Add the download item "Card ID"

Step 2.
Inspect list

  For cards that are held by multiple users, select the user you want to be the sender.
Step 3. (5 minutes)
Add tag to recipients
Advanced search On Sansan's "Advanced search", select "Card ID", "Multiple search". Copy and paste the Card IDs from the list inspected in Step 2, and then add a tag to the search results.
Step 4. Email delivery

Bulk email delivery

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