How to Use Bulk Email Delivery to Promote Your Service


For companies that are busy with their day to day work but want to effectively explain their service to their many clients, we recommend using Sansan bulk email delivery. The emails are sent under the name of the person who received the business card, so it appears to be a personally written email, and thus the chances of it being opened and read are higher. Use this to get the attention of prospective clients to create a chance to visit them and introduce your products.



                 1. Choose your targets                        2. Write the body of the email  


                3. Send the promotion of the service              4. Visit 


Flow and Functions Used

After choosing your targets, search for their business cards in Sansan, and attach a tag made exclusively for promoting your service. Create the body of the email that will have the name of recipients, their companies' names, and the name of the sender added to them, and then put the tag made for this promotion into "To", and then all the preparations are complete. It is best to make the body of the email not too long, so that they can read it without scrolling, and to send it at lunchtime, when most office workers are relaxing.

Flow Functions Used Main Points

Detailed Search

Add Tags

Sansan can send bulk mails delivery with setting the sender for mails to be sent to people whose cards are held by multiple people inside your company.
Bulk Mail Delivery

* Do not write this like a newsletter, write it like a mail being personally addressed to the person whose name and company name will be added.

* Before sending, please carefully look over what you are sending.


Use this promotion as an opportunity to make an appointment and visit your prospects.

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