Keep records of discussions with clients, and receive reminders for next actions


To do effective sales, it is important to record what you do every day and prepare for your next actions. However, when the next action to be taken is several months in the future, it is easy to forget the background for why taking that action is necessary.Here we will introduce functions that will remind you of what happened before and after the last discussion and at the same time inform you of what action you should take, so that you can carry out these actions without fail

1. Keep records of meetings with clients 2. Set the next action 3. Receive Reminders 4. Take action


Flow and functions used

Using Sansan Report management, you can keep records of your meetings with clients every day. At the same time, you can use the Reminder function to remind you of the next action to be taken.By using this Reminder function, on the set day you can receive a reminder containing the information registered in the Report. By understanding not only what you need to do, but why it was necessary, you can carry out the next step effectively.


Flow Functions used Note
Step 1. (10 minutes)
Record what was talked about
Report registration Do this with step 2
Step 2. (5 minutes)
Set Reminders
Reminder function Do this with step 1. Set Reminders for when the next action should be taken
Step 3.
Receive Reminder emails
  At the specified time, you will receive a Reminder email containing the Report information
Step 4.
Take action
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