Learning sales know-how by looking at records of past discussions


The best way to learn how to be a good salesperson is to trace the history of what excellent salespeople in your company did in the past to get orders. Learn the knack for getting orders from past contact records, and aim to improve your own order ratio!

1. Check records of past discussions 2. Discover the knack for getting orders 3. Put this know-how to practice 4. Improve your sales skills


Flow and functions used

View past entries stored in the Sansan contact report function, and discover the knack for getting orders. As you can see in the Reports regularly updated information, you can get sales know-how and find out what proposal clinched the deal. Also, if you share Reports as daily reports, you can receive advice from the management and your senior colleagues.


Flow Functions used Note
Step 1.
Check records of past discussions
Viewing Reports Check the records of past discussions of colleagues that led to successful deals
Step 2.
Put this know-how to practice
  Practice using this know-how in your own sales
Step 3
(10 minutes) Record your sales activities
Registering Reports

Register Reports from the PC or your mobile. With Sansan for Mobile, you can write reports while on the move, using your time efficiently.
Step 4.
Sharing reports
  Using Report Tracker function, share the Reports as daily reports, and get advice from the people in your company.
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