Always have up-to-date information about your clients


To make sure you always have up-to-date information, it is important to record the date the business card is received.Sansan determines which business card is old and which is more recent based on the date received.If you receive a notification to update the data about your clients, do the update, and keep the information you have up to date.

1. Receive business cards 2. Write down the date received 3. Scan into Sansan 4. Receive client data updates


Flow and functions used

Basically, it is best to scan business cards in on the day you receive them.If it can't be avoided and it ends up being the next day, or if on a business trip you cannot scan cards for a whole week, write down the date received on the business card, and when scanning, always specify the date received when scanning. Later, when another user in your company receives the same person's business card, and the information is different, you will receive "News of Your Network" about this person. Click on the "Update" button on that, and your business card information will be updated.


Flow Functions used Note
Step 1.
(5 minutes) Scan business cards
  If you are not scanning cards on the day you receive them, always specify the date received. If you have an assistant scanning for you, make sure you always write down the dates received.
Step 2.
Receive "News of Your Network"
HR Changes If there is an update to business card information, it will be displayed on the home screen under "HR Changes".
Step 3.
(5 minutes) Update business card information
Business card updates Based on "HR Changes", you will need to update the information. If you do not press the "Update" button, the information will not be updated.
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