Reflecting the groupings you make on your client list to your business cards


The client lists that you had been managing on Excel can be more effectively managed on Sansan. Use the list you have to search for business cards by names or email addresses, and attach tags to these business cards.

1. Get your client list 2. Search for clients on Sansan 3. Attach a tag 4. Recreate your list


Flow and functions used

From the upper right of the "Home" search panel, change to "Advanced" and set the conditions. With "Advanced", you can specify multiple names or email addresses. Add a tag to the results of the extraction, and you are done.


Flow Functions used Note
Step 1.
(5 minutes) Do advanced search
Advanced search In addition to names or email addresses, you can also set company names, departments, positions, and so on as the conditions for the search.
Step 2.
(5 minutes) Add tag
Add tags  
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