Managing the strengths of companies you do business with and the people there


Manage the strengths of the companies you have relationships with and the people who work there. By doing this, you can quickly find companies that match the conditions of a deal you are working on, thus expanding what you can do with business card management and making your work more efficient.

1. Classify their strengths 2. Add tags 3. Keep detailed memos in Sansan


Flow and functions used

Classify the business cards of the companies you work with and the people in them by their strengths. Using tags, group them by their relationship to you, whether clients, agents, suppliers, or vendors (printers, cleaners, PC vendors, vending machine companies). In addition to this tag, also prepare a tag for the strength of that company.
For example, "Printer (good price)", "Printer (quick delivery), "Printer (high quality)" could be tags. By adding this tag with the strength on it to the business card, it will be easy to search for.
In addition to this, using the memo on the business card, you can add detailed information such as "Price negotiation" or "Other special information".


Flow Functions used Note
Step 1.
Add strength tags
Add tags Classify according to relationship
Step 2.
Keep detailed memos
Update business cards Use the memo on the Business card details screen
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