Directly approaching the person who makes the decisions


When meeting people at seminars or making telephone appointments, have you ever thought that you want to speak directly to the person who makes the decisions?If you have, try extracting the people you want to approach by using the Title search function, which allows you to specify the positions of people you are looking for. By using this to approach people who can make decisions, your can expect deals to move forward more smoothly.

1. Search by Title 2. Extract names by Title 3. Approach the decision maker


Flow and functions used

From the Sansan home screen, click on "Advanced". Next to Company, Name, Email, you will see the "Title" item. Put in the department name and title you wish to search for. If necessary, you can do multiple searches, or combine the search conditions with other items. by doing this, you can get more accurate results for the kind of people you want to target.There are many things you can do with these search results, such as add a tag to send emails to, send bulk invitations to seminars, download as data, or make a telephone appointment list from it.


Flow Functions used Note
Step 1. Search by title Advanced search  
Step 2. Create lists, approach Email delivery

Add tags to these results, invite them to a seminar, or create a telephone list from it.

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