Doing sales visits more efficiently


Have you ever thought that you want to visit more companies without spending too much time travelling between them? If you have, you will find the Sansan Address search function very useful. As you can extract a list of clients based on the address or area, you can reduce the amount of time spent travelling between places and efficiently do your sales visits.Before leaving the office, you can do a search of the area you will visit, and find in advance some possible targets in the area. Also, if you suddenly find yourself with some extra time, use the mobile version of Sansan to search for clients in the area, and you can do detailed follow ups in the area.

1. Search by address(From PC or from your mobile) 2. Extract clients by area 3. Do your sales more efficiently


Flow and functions used

From Sansan for PC, you can search by prefecture, city, and street, and from Sansan for Mobile, you can search for business cards in locations near other business cards. From Sansan for PC, you can combine address searches with other conditions such as "Title", and narrow down your target so that you can efficiently approach the people who make the decisions. 

Flow Functions used Note
Step 1.
Do a search by address and extract clients

Advanced search (PC)


(PC) From the Advanced search screen, specify the address item as a search condition
(Mobile) From the Business card information screen of the client you are visiting, view "Search Neighborhood Cards"

Step 2.
Visit, do your sales

You can extract clients by area, and efficiently visit your clients

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