When connecting with automatic IP address acquisition (DHCP)

Here we will show you how to connect to the internet when using automatic IP address acquisition (DHCP)

With wireless LAN

1. During setting up the devices, as the network settings are not finished, the following screen may come up.
Click on "Close" in the upper right, then on "Exit Application", and then do the network settings.

2. If a network security key is required for you wireless Wi-Fi, click on ICON on the task bar.

3. A list of access points you can connect to will be displayed. Choose the desired access point and then click on "Connect".
* Place a check in "Connect automatically".

4. Input the network security key and then connect.

5. What to do if the following message comes up (It may come up multiple times).
 -If the "Settings for network location" window comes up, choose "Work network".

*Depending on the device, a window for ESET (security software) may come up.
If the ESET window comes up, please choose the following settings.

-For the ESET "New network has been detected" window, select "Protect strictly".
-For the "Settings for network location" window, choose "Public network".

6. Click on the Scanner App icon on the desktop to open the scanner app. If "Connected" appears in the lower left of the screen, then the set up is complete.

If it does not appear, please contact the support center.


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