Using Sansan to send greeting cards and greeting emails

Use the business card data you have in Sansan to send seasonal greeting cards and greeting emails.Here we will show the steps for doing this and some FAQs 

Steps for sending greeting cards and greeting emails

1. Scan any business cards you have not registered yet.

Do you have any business cards you have not scanned into Sansan yet? If you do, get them scanned in now!
Cards are sequentially digitized, but when there are more cards, it takes more time. If you already have a list, import it into Sansan from the file.


2. Add a tag to business cards you wish to send to

Add a tag to the cards you wish to send seasonal greeting cards or emails to. Then, export the list of cards with that tag to a file, and use that as the sending list.


3-1. Sending greeting cards

Download the business cards you added tags to, and make a sending list from it. Format the list, print on the recipients' names and addresses, and put them in the mail!


3-2 Sending greeting emails

Send a greeting email to the business card you added tags to. If you set the delivery time and date, the emails can be sent at that time.


Can I do this? FAQs

Scanning business cards

 Q. I want to scan 100 business cards. How long will it take until they are digitized?
 A. As a principle, for each user 20 cards can be digitized by the next business day. From the 21st card, the expected date of completion will be affected by the transcription status for all cards in Sansan, and will be later than the next business day. If you have 100 cards, instead of scanning them in one day, if you scan 20 a day for 5 days, they may be digitized sooner. Please plan for how you want to scan in cards.


Sharing information in the company

 Q. I want to encourage our people to use the Recognize as same person function. What should I do?
 A. Please send an email to the people in your company, giving guidance on how to use the Recognize as same person function.

 Q. I would like to check with our people if it is OK to send greeting card and greeting emails to the people on the list. What should I do?
 A. First of all, add a tag to all the cards (for example: 20XX New Years Card). After that, send emails to everyone asking them to remove tags from people they do not want to send to.


Recipient information

 Q. The business cards I have are old, and the ones others have are newer. I want to update my cards. What should I do?
 A. Copy other users' business cards and register them as new business cards. Update the cards when you receive Personnel Changes news. Also, you can import them.

 Q. I would like to send to multiple tags. What should I do?
 A. When there are many tags, we recommend adding one new tag to all of them for sending.



 Q. We would like to send greeting cards with several people's names on them. How can we select multiple senders for Bulk email delivery?
 A .
  -Greeting cards: There is no function for this. Download the information, and use Excel or Word to do this.
  -Bulk email delivery: There is no function for this. You will need to choose one person as the sender.
  If you recognize the same email address as the same person, the person holding the business card with the most recent date received will be the sender.

 Q. Many of our people have the business cards of people we are sending to. We would like the people higher in our organization to be the senders. What should we do?
 A. Please remove unnecessary tags

 Q. How can I print greeting cards?
 A. Sansan does not have a function for printing greeting cards. 


An example of an email to send to your colleagues

Hello everyone. It's X.

This year we are going to send New Years cards again.
So, I need all of you to help me with two things.
* The deadline is November 30th!

1. Please use the Sansan Recognize as same person function for people who have not been recognized as the same person.
From the middle of the Sansan Business card management screen, go to "Recognize people with the same first and last names as the same people".
"◆ Sansan log-in screen"

2. Please remove tags from business cards you do not want to have New Years cards send to.
The following tag will be attached in advance "New Years cards, 20XX"

◆ How to add tags to multiple cards at once.

Thank you very much!


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