Changing permissions for departments from a file (Access control)

By specifying a public pattern for departments in a CSV file and importing it, you can change many permissions at once.



To use this function, administrator level permission is necessary.



1. Click on "Admin settings", then on "Access privilege setting".


2. Click on "Import from File".


3. Click on "Write into File"


4. Select the delimiter for the CSV file and click to export.


5. Correct the file that has been output.

(1) ID: This is set by the system to distinguish departments. If you plan to use this for "Import from file", do not change these

(2)(2) Department names: These will appear in the order set on the Hierarchy/ Display order edit screen. If you plan to use this for "Import in from file", do not change these.

(3) Access control patterns: The row displaying the department names shows in the columns beneath the viewing permissions of the departments. Please input the pattern names you want to change.

* Note

  • If there is a mistake in the pattern name you enter, an error will occur.
  • Blanks are a pattern that makes all information non-viewable. Departments making access will not be able to see the information of departments being accessed.


6. Select the file you created or edited.


7. Check the file contents.
The first few rows will be shown. Check for any issues with the file contents or the delimiter. If you do spot any problems, revise the file and re-upload it.


8. Click on "Start Import".


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