FAQs for the License Activation Key

Q1. I activated the license for the wrong company. Can licenses be changed to other companies?

A1. No, they cannot.


Q2. We purchased two ScanSnap iX500 Sansan Editions for our company. Can we activate licenses twice for the same company?

A2. Yes, you can. If you activate the license twice, you will increase your storage twice.


Q3. I correctly input the license activation key, but I got an error. What should I do?

A3. The following graph contains error messages and the causes of these. If the error you get cannot be solved by these, please sent us a request.


Error displayed Cause of error
As this campaign has already finished, this cannot be used. The campaign for this license has finished. Unfortunately the license you have has already expired.
This license activation key is not correct. You have input something different than what was on the license activation key. Please check the key again.
The license activation key you input is already being used. This license enabling key is already in use. Or, one company can only have one of this kind of license.
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