Downloading (exporting) Business Card Data

Registered business cards that have been digitized can be downloaded as a CSV file.


For those who wish to do this, please use the procedure below to download data.


  1. From the Setting screen of the Smartphone Application, tap on the "Get URL for Sansan for PC" link.
  2. After receiving the email from a PC, click on the URL that has been issued.
  3. Select "Download".
  4. The data will be generated automatically, and then the download will start.


Items that can be downloaded are shown here:

Company Name, Name, Name (kana), Department, Title, Zip code, Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, Mobile, E-mail, URL, Date received, Holder of business card


* The CSV format to be downloaded cannot be edited.

* Downloading can only be done from the PC web screen.

* Downloading directly to smartphone cannot be done.