How to set up recipients for Salesforce integration

When setting up the transfer method for Salesforce, you can set each Sansan user's cards to be transferred to a corresponding Salesforce user.

As the automatic matching of Sansan and Salesforce users is only done during the initial integration, all additional account matching thereafter must be done manually.


Requirements for Sansan users

Sansan users who are displayed in the Salesfroce setting's "2. Integration User" page. *Users who are displayed in the "Recipient" page.


Requirement for Salesforce users

Salesforce users with a license, that includes access to business card objects. Click here for more details on Salesforce licenses.

※Users with "Chatter External / Chatter Free" license cannot be set as recipients.

As well as being subscribed to an appropriate Salesforce license, users must have "business card" permission turned on. Click here on more details


Requirements for automatic matching

During initial Salesforce integration, matching Sansan and Salesforce user email addresses will be entered into an automatically generated transfer list.

Default recipient (an admin user who initially set up Salesforce integration) will be set as a recipient for these users:

  • Users with "Chatter External / Chatter Free" license
  • Users that did not have matching Sansan and Salesforce email address, therefore were not automatically matched
  • Users added after Salesforce integration had been completed


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