File creation and import rules for Salesforce integration

This shows how to create files and input rules when setting the target Salesforce account during integration.


Creating Files

For Email Address (Sansan), change to the Salesforce Username for Transfer you want to link with.

Only the contents of the line entered in the file are reflected in the import result. (Even if the line is deleted, the information on the Recipient screen after import will not be deleted.)


File Input Rules

Item Name Required Item Description
Email Address (Sansan) Required Use your Sansan login mail. Only one line can be written per Sansan user.
Salesforce Username for Transfer Required Enter your login username, not the email address set in your Salesforce account.

CSV formatting must meet the following conditions:

  • UTF8 character code
  • Comma-separated
  • The header name is the same at the Write into File stage


Other Rules

  • Target file capacity is up to 25 MB (approx. 70,000 IDs).
  • If there is a column other than that assigned when exporting, the contents of that column will not be reflected in the import results.
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