Risk Intelligence powered by Refinitiv(Companies)

Scanned cards' data will be compared with the Refinitiv data to detect any potential risks found concerning a company on a scanned card.

If a risk is found concerning the company on a scanned card, a notification will be sent to any users who scanned that card.



  • This function is a pay-to-use option. If you would like to use it, please contact your sales representative.
  • To set up (including starting and stopping use of) this feature, you must have your Sansan administrator’s permission.
  • To start using Risk Intelligence, a risk manager must be appointed.
    *See "3. Select a risk manager" section for details on risk manager.
  • Business cards scanned by all users in Sansan are subject to risk assessment. Risk assessment (cards with potential risks found) will be done by appointed risk managers.
    *Manually created or imported cards are not subject to risk assessment.



  1. Setup guidance
    Once this option is available to your company, a guidance email will be sent to your company's Sansan administrator.
    Administrators can also access the Setup page from the top-right menu via "①Admin settings", and then "② Sansan Plus". Click the "③ Connect" button next to Risk Intelligence powered by Refinitiv (Companies) to start the Setup.

  2. About contract agreement
    Before starting the setup, be sure to read the agreement.
    Once you have read the agreement, you can start the setup by clicking the "Connect" button.
  3. Select a risk manager
    Select a user who will be responsible for risk management in transactions between companies within your company as a risk manager.

    * Make sure to check access rights of the user who you want to select as a risk manager. Selecting a user with limited access to all contacts may prevent them from assessing risks because some contacts are not displayed to them.
    * Go here to see about access privileges.
    * Go here for more on risk managers.
  4. Complete Setup
    Click the "Done" button from [3.] on the screen to go to the completion page.
    Click  "①Start!"
    The feature is ready to be used by all users, including the appointed risk managers.

    Click on "②Save settings without starting"
    Settings are saved and the setup is complete. Only settings are saved, and all users including the appointed risk managers will not be able to use it yet.

    If you saved settings without starting, you can always come back to setup screen to start the connection via Sansan Plus settings > and then clicking the "① Set up" button.

Edit connection settings / Disconnect

  1. Edit connection settings
    You can change the connection settings via Sansan Plus settings > and then clicking the "①Edit settings" button.
  2. Disconnect
    You can disconnect from Risk Intelligence powered by Refinitiv (Companies) via Sansan Plus settings > and then clicking the "② Disconnect" button.

    *Disconnecting from the environment will hide all the Risk Intelligence powered by Refinitiv (Companies) information that is shown on Sansan company pages. You can display the information again via the "Set up" button.


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