Sending/receiving Virtual Cards (Mobile App)


Sending your card

1. Access the Virtual Card page.

Tap on your Virtual Card at the top of the home screen.


2. Issuing URL

You need to issue a URL which you can then share with others.
See here if you have not yet set up your Virtual Card.


When issuing, you can set the expiration date of the URL and the number of times it can be opened.

Depending on your administrator's settings, you may not be able to edit this.


3. Share the URL

You can now copy the URL and share with whoever you like.


Receiving a card

Open card URL

Tap the received URL.


For Sansan users

1. Tap 'Add to Sansan'.


2. Open Sansan to complete the process.
If you've set up your Virtual Card, you can send it straight back to them.

N.B. Virtual Cards count towards digitization quotas.


For Eight users

3. Tap 'Add to Eight'.


4. Open Eight to complete the process.

You can also send your profile card back to them.


If you're not a Sansan or Eight user

Tap on 'Save' then 'Send to your email'.
Note that you will only be able to view your contact's info once you've sent your card back.


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