Integrating Google Workspace Gmail™ with Contact Inbox

With Contact Inbox, you can easily import contacts from Google Workspace Gmail™ to Sansan. We will automatically extract signatures from selected incoming emails and display them as contact suggestions. Admins need to set up this feature before it can be used.

*Please note that contacts imported with this feature will count towards your digitization quota.




How to set up

1. Go to ‘Admin settings’, then ‘Contact Inbox’.


2. Click on ‘Enable’ and create and upload a service account key file (JSON file) for authentication. Then, save.


3. Select users you want to enable this function for, then click on ‘Link’.



About linkage errors

Status Reason
Authentication error

Service account key is invalid
Service account key has been deleted
The target user's account does not exist in Google Workspace™ 

Unauthorized Service account does not have permission to see the target user's Gmail™ 
Linkage error

An error has occurred for a reason other than the above. If the problem persists after retrying, please contact us here.


How to create a service account key file (JSON file)


1. Log in to Google Cloud Platform.


2. Create or use an existing project.


3. Create a service account.


4. Create a service account key file in JSON format.


5. Enable the Gmail API.


6. Authorize domain-wide permissions to the service account.

Please note Step 6 needs to be performed from the Google Workspace™ domain's administrative console ( ).


You will be asked to enter your client ID and OAuth scope in the procedure, so please refer to the following.

Client ID: Please enter the ID in the service account details.

OAuth Scope: Please enter


How to disable the feature for users

Please click on 'Disable' for specified users.



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