I did a search for a card but could not find it. What should I do?

Here are some possibilities of what might be happening:


Search conditions are incorrect

  • Try searching by "Writtend Date". For more information, see here.
  • Try searching without putting a space between the names. For more information, see here.
  • Search by telephone number or email address.


The card has been recognized as the same person of another card

The user who scanned the card should log in, and search for cards that have been recognized as the same person. For more information, see here.

* Please set [candidate to be displayed] of 2nd image to [candidate among my data] and search. If you are logged in as a different user than the scanned user, please change to [All candidates] before searching.


Can't find a contact/card in the initially shown ones.

By default, the Contacts page shows contacts/cards in order of “Contact Since" from newest to oldest. If a contact has just been entered into Sansan, it may not be shown in the first view if the Contact Since date is blank or in the past.

Please consider changing the order of contacts in the first view so that the most recently added are shown.

See how to change the order here.


The card is in cards that could not be read



The card is set as private

For more information, see here.


The card has already been deleted

Unfortunately there is no way to check the log of business card deletions. Any user with permission to update all data can delete business cards held by other users. If necessary, please reconsider what permissions are given to which people.


The scan was not completed

In the first place, you may have not scanned the business card until the end. Please refer to [Transmission history] on the tablet PC and check whether there is a history that the corresponding user sent the business card at the relevant time.

Scanner App Top Screen > Menu (upper right of screen) > Transmission History
* If the status is "Sent", the business card data has reached the server of Sansan.

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