When a user is deleted, are their business cards, tags, and contact reports also deleted?

This data will be deleted. Please note that once deleted, it cannot be restored.
There are two ways to prevent deletion.


・Inactivating a user without deleting them
Inactivating a user means they will no longer be able to log in, and their contacts/cards and other information will remain.
Inactivating a user


・How to change contact holders, tags, and reports of a user to be deleted
How to change the contact person of cards and reports
Changing holders of tags


  After holder change, user deletion User inactivation
Counting toward number of contract IDs Not counted Counted
Holder Change No change
Contact search by original user name No Yes
Email distribution (email magazine, personal use) Yes Yes
Mail delivery (One to One) Yes (sender is holder after change) No


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