Differences between Messaging and colleagues you follow

There are two ways to share Reports with your colleagues:

  • Sharing through Messaging
  • colleagues you follow

Here we will explain the differences and characteristics of both of these.



Sharing through Messaging

colleagues you follow


With this function, after saving the Report, you select users to share it with and then send it with a message.

With this function, you automatically receive the Reports of users you are following every morning.


Users who write the Reports select recipient users and then send.

Users who receive the reports can do settings for whose reports they receive.

Examples of typical usage

Sharing meeting minutes with attendees
Reporting work done to a manager

Gathering information by following the work colleagues do
Managing the progress of deals by following subordinates

Format for receiving

For each Report, there will be one message.

All of the Reports from the previous day will come together in one email.
Timing for receiving

It will be delivered right after the message is sent.

It will be delivered the morning after the Report is registered.

Exchange after receiving

You can reply to all participating by commenting on a message in Sansan. Past exchanges can also be checked in Sansan.

If you reply to a Report follow email, the email will directly go to the person who registered the report.
Email notification Log-in email address, sub email address Log-in email address



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