Windows updates for tablet PCs

Windows updates will at some time be installed automatically after the release; manual installation is typically not needed.

Tablets are set to reboot in the early morning hours, which is when the device needs to be restarted to apply the update.


Timing of auto-installation

The timing until auto-installation varies depending on the type of Windows update.

• Windows update (Quality update) periodically provided by Microsoft

Auto-installed within 7 days from release.

• Large-scale Windows update (Feature update)

Auto-installed within 180 days from release.

Refer to Microsoft support for quality and feature updates.


Examples of when auto-installation doesn't occur

  • The tablet is not connected to a network or is turned off.
  • The Sansan scanner app is not running.
  • Some part of the setup is being used in a way we do not recommended.

  • Non-recommended uses
  • The tablet was added to a Windows account and its admin permissions were changed.
  • The tablet is joined to a domain and an organizational policy is applied.
  • Communication with Windows update is restricted within the network.

On tablets where the update is not auto-installed, please install it manually.



For OS upgrades, such as upgrading Windows 10 to 11, are not covered by auto-installation.

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