Setting up the Sansan scanner

After the scanner and tablet have arrived, set up them up soon an get ready to start scanning business cards. Here we will show how to set up the equipment and connect to the internet. Please check the contents necessary according to your environment.


1. Connecting the scanner and the tablet PC

How to connect the devices.

After the scanner and tablet PC arrive, please check the contents of the package, and then connect them. So that you can quickly get started scanning business cards, please put them in a place that is easy to access.

To check how to connect them, please choose the tablet PC maker you have from below.


2. Connecting the tablet PC to the internet

After the scanner and PC are connected to each other, please connect them to the internet. So that the business cards you scan can be sent to the data input center, you will need an internet connection.


How to connect with wireless Lan



How to connect to a network


How to do settings for a proxy server


3. One final note

From the point of view of security and maximizing the value gotten from the service, we ask that you regularly leave the Sansan scanner on. So that your devices can be protected from virus threats and so that you can use it more smoothly, automatic updates to security files will be done during the night.

Also, by maintaining an environment where you can always scan, you will avoid forgetting to scan or missing opportunities to scan, and hence have a more complete and comprehensive database made for you. Please leave the Sansan scanner on!
*Monitor will automatically turn off from midnight to 5 a.m. To use the monitor during these hours, just press the power button.

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