Checking the number of business cards that have been put into Sansan

Here's how to find the number of business cards that have been scanned.


How to check

Tap "Menu" on the tablet and go to "Number of Scanned Cards".

Here, you can check how many cards were scanned each month.



    • It may take several minutes to an hour for latest numbers to be reflected in the number of cards processed.
    • If you're trying to not exceed your limit, we recommend checking the number of cards processed before you start scanning.
    • The number of cards used for billing can be checked from the tablet (this function). Please be aware that numbers shown on other screens may be different to the number used for billing.
    • If you use multiple tablets, the total number of cards processed on all of them will be displayed.
    • See this page for items that count toward your digitization quota.


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