How to set the Scanner App ID and Password

Here we will show how to set the Scanner App ID and Password.


  • This procedure is only necessary when the Scanner App ID and Password are not set to your original settings, such as when sending the device to other places. (Generally, this setting is done by our company).
  • For this procedure, please set up the hardware of the device and settings for connecting to the internet.
  • Please have the Scanner App ID and Password on hand. (We can send this by email).



1. Click on the icon to start the Scanner App.


2. When it is shipped, the Scanner App ID is not set correctly, so the following error message will come up. Click on "OK".

As either the Scanner App ID or Password do not match, you cannot log in to the system.


3. Click on "Menu".


4. Click on "Settings".


5. Click on "Application Settings".


6. The initial display will show a test ID set.


7. Input the "Scanner App ID" and "Password", and then click on "Update" in the lower right.


8. Click the "OK" button for the multiple dialogs that will come up.

If "Successfully Logged in" is displayed, then the Scanner App ID and Password were input correctly. If there is an authentication error and log-in fails, please check the Scanner App ID and Password and try inputting them again.

* Why logging in sometimes fails

  • Network connections are not finished.
  • Upper case letters were mistaken for lower case letters or vice versa.
  • 0 and O (zero and the letter O) were mistaken.
  • There is a space at the end of the string of characters entered.
  • The hyphens in the Passowrd were not input.


9. Click on "Home".


10. The user currently logged in to Sansan will be displayed.

This is the end of the procedure for the Scanner App ID and Password. Please continue on to setting up the devices.

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