When I open the CSV file after downloading, the display is out of alignment

When you opened the file of downloaded business card data, the data is displayed in different cells than you wanted, or all the information is displayed in one cell.
l show what to do if this phenomenon occurs.



1. Download business card data.


2. Change the file extension of the CSV to "txt".


* The following error message will come up. Please click "Yes".


3. Open Excel, and from "Open" select the file from step 2, and then open the file.


4. Text Import Wizard will come up. Please select "Delimited Characters such as commas or tabs separate each field".

Click on "Next".


5. For Delimiters, put a check next to "Comma", and then click on the "Finish" button. Select double quotation marks (") for Text qualifier.


6. By doing this, the display will be correct.


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