Common errors when importing card data

Here we will introduce common errors when importing card data.


Errors during import

The following error occurred: "Header's field names do not match the format. Please download the latest format and import again.

You may have changed the item name or used an incorrect format. Download the format again and recreate the file.
This error message can also appear if you use a non-.csv file extension, such as .xlsx. Recreate the file using a .csv extension.


The following error occurred: "File is empty."

Please ensure you haven’t deleted the top row of the template. If you did, please re-download the template and create the file again.


The following error occurred: "Only up to 100,000 cards are allowed per import."

Please ensure that you don’t have more than 100,000 rows in your CSV file.If you want to import more than 100,000 cards, please divide into groups of less than 100,000 and import in batches.
If the above error is displayed even though you have less than 100,000 rows, you may have some cells containing invisible characters. Please re-download the template and create the file again.


The import won’t begin.

It may take a while to start the import depending on the number of other users importing.


Errors after import

If there are any errors in the imported CSV file, ‘Error’ will appear in the status column. You can download the file to check for errors.


For example, you can see that in the second row in the image below that there is an error regarding the User ID.


Q.The following error occurred. "User ID of business card holder: This User ID cannot be used."

A.Please check the following:

  • Is the User ID registered in Sansan?
  • Have you entered the User ID, and not the username or email address?
  • Are there any unnecessary spaces in the User ID?
  • Is the first character of the User ID a 0 (zero)? If not, please make sure it is.
    (In Excel, change the format of the “Holder ID” column to text, then save. If you open the CSV file after saving it, the zero will disappear again, so start the import without opening the file).

If you cannot solve the problem by doing the above, please re-download the template and create the file again.


Q.How do I handle the error message, "Email (1):Cannot be recognized as Email."?

A.This may occur because you entered spaces or line breaks. Be sure to use only letters, numbers, and symbols.


Garbled text

If the characters are garbled, please change the character code of the CSV file.

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