If you are using a Data Communication Card (au_U01) rented from Sansan

Here we will show you how to do the set up if you are using a Data Communication Card (au_U01).
After setting up the devices and turning on the Tablet PC and the Scanner, do the set up for the Data Communication Card.
* If you had been using an older Data Communication Card rented from Sansan, first of all uninstall the software for the older Data Communication Card. Leaving this installed may cause the set up to not succeed.

1. Take the USB connection from the Data Communication Card and connect it to the USB connector on the back of the docking station. After this, wait a while.
* Unlit -> Flashing red light -> Blue light

* Please be aware that connecting the USB connector the wrong way could damage the device.


2. Click on "Speed USB STICK". If this display disappears, disconnect and reconnect the Data Communications Card.


3. Click on "Run AutoRun.exe".


4. When the "User account controls" screen comes up, click on "Yes".


5. If the "Speed USB STICK" screen comes up, close it with the "X" button, and then double click on "Scanner App" at the upper left of the screen.
* The icon for "Speed USB STICK setting tool" will come up on the desktop, and the light on the Speed USB STICK will turn blue.


6. Please do the following if the messages below come up. (In some cases, they may come up multiple times).
-When "Settings for network location" comes up, select "Company network".

* Depending on the device, the ""ESET"" (Security software) screen may come up.
If the ""ESET"" screen comes up, please choose the settings below.
-(ESET) For the screen "New network has been detected", choose "Strictly protect".
- For the "Settings for network location" screen, choose "Public network".


7. Click on the Scanner App icon on the desktop, and open up the Scanner App.
When "Connected" appears in the lower left of the screen, the set-up is done.

If this does not appear, please contact the support center.


Final note
For the purposes of security and getting the most value out of the service, we recommend leaving the Sansan scanner on at all times.
To protect the devices from the threats of viruses and to be able to use it comfortably, the most recent security files will be automatically downloaded during the night.
Also, by maintaining an environment where you can scan at any time, it prevents business cards from not being scanned or people forgetting to scan them, thus maintaining the integrity and the comprehensiveness of the database that will be made for you. Please leave the power on at all times!



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