How to disconnect and reconnect cables and restart the Tablet PC

Here we will show how to reconnect the cables and restarting the Tablet PC.

Procedure for disconnecting and reconnecting cables and restarting the Tablet PC

1. Disconnect and then reconnect the USB cables connecting the Scanner and the Tablet PC, and then disconnect and reconnect the power cable.

USB cables and power cord of Tablet PC (wired LAN)


The communication card on the side of the Tablet PC (if you are using a communication card)


2. Disconnect and reconnect the power cable and the power adapter.

Power adapter and power cable for Tablet PC


3.Disconnect and reconnect the Tablet PC and the docking station (Only with a tablet PC with a docking station)

Pull it out straight, without leaning it forward. Pulling too strongly can cause breakage.


4. Restart the Tablet PC and the Scanner.

To restart the Tablet PC, hold down the power button.

Tablet PC, Scanner FAQs


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