I scanned an old business card and accidentally set the exchange date set to the current/scan date

If you scan old business cards and you don't know the exact exchange date, simply make the date blank. If you've already set the date incorrectly, do the following:


Cards you've just scanned

If it's within 3 minutes after scanning, you can change the data in the tablet's Unsent list.
See here for how to do this.


Cards awaiting digitization

You can individually change dates in the Awaiting Digitization list.
See here for how to do this.


Cards that are already digitized

You can perform a batch change using the following steps:

1. Search for cards by their registration/scan date.
See here for how to do this.

2. Check the "Company Name / Name" box for all cards you want to edit.

3. Change the exchange date.
  See here for how to do this.


Digitized and combined cards (recognized as the same person)

Assign the most recent card after changing the exchange date.
See here for how to do this.


Important: Regarding news updates

If you scan an old business card with the wrong exchange date, such as today's date, the news function will automatically inform other users about the old card's information (thinking that it is new information). This notification cannot be deleted after it's sent, so be sure to tell the other users not to use the old information.

See here for more about the news function.


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