Sharing the contents of Reports through Messaging

Here we will show how to share through Messaging the memos or meeting minutes that you put into Reports.



  • The message that you share will be delivered to the Message list of the users selected as recipients, and they will also be notified by email.
    * If "Messaging notification email" is set to "Off", then no email will be sent.
  • Messages can also be checked from the Details about this person screen of the person whose business card was selected as an external attendee.



1. From "Reports", click on "Create Reports". (You can also access this from "Create report" in Details about this person.)

2. Put in a title, a memo, and the external attendees.
 * It is necessary to put in at least one external attendee.

3. After putting a check in "Select colleagues to message", click "Save".

4. Write a message to the colleague you wish to share the Report with, and then click "Send".
 * The recipient field can be changed freely.

The report will be shared with the users selected as recipients in the way seen below.

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