Setting up Smart Activity Management

This feature enables saving of contact information automatically extracted from sent and received emails. The admin must enable the feature and select the email users for import. Data acquired as contact information cannot be deleted.
Check all relevant users before starting use of this feature.





The following are required to use this feature.

  • Admin permissions
  • Integration with Gmail™ or Exchange



Starting Smart Activity Management

  1. Go to Admin settings → Smart Activity Management.

  2. Start after checking the notes.



Add users for email import (Gmail™ or Exchange)

You can select and add users in the list of users for import. Import will start when Gmail™ or Exchange integration is complete for the relevant users.


Remove users from import (Gmail™ or Exchange)

Check the relevant users and remove them from the list. These users’ email will no longer be imported.


Integration status

Status Details
Active Contact information is automatically acquired from sent and received emails.
Inactive The integration with Gmail™ or Exchange is not complete or an error is preventing use of this feature. Click "Details" next to the status and check the integration settings from "Exchange Online" or "Gmail™” under "Microsoft 365" or "Google" in “Integration with other services".


  • Go here for details on integration settings with Gmail™.
  • Go here for details on integration settings with Exchange.



You can click to stop using Smart Activity Management in the upper right of the screen. When the feature is deactivated, all users eligible for inclusion will be removed and activity information that has already been included will be hidden.
* Activity information that has already been imported will be shown when you restart use.


Display settings

From Common settings Display settings, you can set whether information extracted from emails by Smart Contact Management is shown in the activity history.



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