Displaying Opportunities, Advanced searches, Downloading search results, Saving

Here we will show how to Display opportunities, do Advanced searches, Download search results, and Save search conditions.

Displaying opportunities

1. From the "List View", click on the "Details" of the deal you wish to see.
This can also be seen from "Most recent deal" on Details about this person.


-Reports connected to business cards that are linked to this as people involved will also be displayed. For more details, see here.
-Reminders (Status "Unsent") linked to these contacts will also be displayed. For more details, see here.


How to do Advanced searches

You can set various conditions for searching for a registered opportunities.

-With the initial status (Simple searches), you can do searches specifying opportunity names or account names.
-With Advanced searches, you can do searches by specifying a search key for individual items.

1. From the pull down, specify the name of the Opportunity master for the search, and then click on "Advanced searches".

2. The initial setting for the Advanced search screen will be "All", so you can search from all Opportunities.
Also, this initial setting can be changed. For more details, click on "Calling up Saved search criteria" on this page.


How to download search results

If a user has been given permission to download deals, opportunity data can be downloaded in CSV format.

-The special permission for downloading deals is required, which is different than the permission to download business card data.
For more details, see here.
-If the deal master of the search is "All ", downloading cannot be done.

1. From the search result list, click on "Download", then "Download list". The items that will be downloaded are the items that were set in the deal master, and in addition to those, the deal ID (a fixed number for deals registered).


How to save search criteria

Search conditions can be saved. By saving search conditions you often use, you can save yourself time and trouble.

-The only user that can delete search criteria is the user who saved those search criteria.
-If nothing else has been set, the search results will be for "All".
-The Opportunity master selected when the search conditions are saved will be the Opportunity master displayed as the default when newly registering an Opportunity.

-If the setting is done, search conditions can be shared with other users.

1. From "Advanced search", specify search conditions, and then click on "Save search conditions".


2. The Search condition save screen will come up. Set the name of the search conditions and the options, and then click on "Save".

-Setting initial display conditions: When the Deal list screen is displayed, these search results will come up every time.
-Sharing with other users: Search conditions can be shared with other users.


3. The search conditions you save will be displayed in the Deal master list. When this is selected, the search results will come up.


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