Editing the settings for receiving automatically sent emails from Sansan

Here you can do settings for the emails that will be sent to yourself. For administrators who would like to do these settings for all users together please see here.



Click on "Settings", then on "Email notifications".


Format of emails to be received

Each user can select whether the automatic emails they receive from Sansan will be in HTML format or in text format. These settings will only be reflected for the main email address. The format for all sub email addresses is text format. Administrators who would like to make these changes, please see here.


Mail settings for different functions

News Emails Choose news to be sent.
Reminder Emails The user who set this reminder can edit the settings from the reminder list.
Report Emails These are emails to notify other users of report information. Delivery settings can be done from "Report tracker settings" at the bottom of the Service settings screen.
Opportunity Notification Emails Deal administrators can change the settings for these from the Opportunity master list.
Message Notification Emails This email is to notify you that you have received a message.
Notification Emails of Completion of Business Card Import This is an important mail for the system, and thus delivery cannot be stopped.
Creating Files This is an important mail for the system, and thus delivery cannot be stopped.
Security emails (for administrators) The system administrator can change the settings for this from the Security settings.


Settings for usage support emails



When the settings are complete, click on "Save"


Supplemental information

When the administrator is setting the receiving email format

* This requires administrator level permission.
* Except of settings for receiving email format, settings must be done by each user.

1. From the top right of the screen, click on "Admin Settings", then on "Manage users".


2. When changing multiple users at once, choose "Change All", when changing users one by one, click on "Change" for that user.


3. Choose "Format for Incoming Email", and then click on "Confirm". (For making multiple changes, click on "Confirm" at either the top or bottom of the screen).


4. The number of changes will be shown in the red frame. After checking them, click on "Save".

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