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The News page is a function that displays selectively picked news only about companies and people you have exchanged business cards with. Based on the business cards you have registered, this is news page exclusively made for you. You can also receive news in emails. For how to set this, see here.



Sansan News can be classified like this.

Contact Updates

From Sansan
Sansan handles digitization and data integration, and compiles information from sources such as Kyodo News Service, Diamond, Inc., and The Nikkan Kensetsu Kogyo Shinbun.


*Information and distribution time may change subject to shareholders' meeting resolutions.
*The following rules for announcement dates may apply depending on the information provider:
• Early May → May 1
• Mid-May → May 10
• Late May → May 20

From a profile on Eight
Business card information of the same people registered by other users
Colleague Update Information about business cards received from the same people
Information about business cards received from the same companies
Company News News information about companies publicized on the internet

*"Contact Updates" and "Colleague Update" will be displayed for news released after the beginning of your contract.
*"Company News" will include news gathered by Sansan before the beginning of your contract.


Contact Updates

Based on multiple news sources, there will be notifications when there are updates to the information of the business cards you have registered. For news made with the Eight profile as the information source, see here.


Colleague Update

This will notify you of other users in your company who have exchanged business cards with the same people (or same companies) as you.


Company News

This will notify you of corporate news released on the internet. The conditions and timing for Company News are as below.

Type Conditions for notification Timing of notification
Company News The company name (including suffixes) is the same. Three times a day
However, about the email notification, they will be sent once a day with the preceding day's news.

Also, about "Company News", some companies can be selected for non-display (non-notify). For how to do this, see here.


How to view

*The latest news is shown on the home screen if you click the News icon in the top right.


Click "List" or check the related news from the contact management screen or person's details.


Viewing from Details about this person

See point 3 of the summary of the Details about this person page.


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