What contact points are

Contact points are accumulated based on the number of different types of contact with another person. They help in understanding the depth of relationships between two parties.



How points are calculated

Contact points are credited and calculated as follows.

  • Business card exchange: 3 points
  • Meeting: 3 points
  • Telephone call: 1 point
  • Email: 1 point


*Business cards received are counted only when they have a date of exchange.
*Meetings are counted when they are set via the Report function.
*Telephone calls are counted when the phone call is made from the Sansan Mobile App.
*Emails are counted when they are sent starting from Sansan.

Following is one way to use this feature.


Example: Searching for (extracting) prospects based on relationship strength

1. From "Advanced" search, under "Other", click "+ Add" and choose "Contact Point" from the pull-down menu.

2. Specify how many points to search for using a numeric range (e.g., 5-12), and then click "Search" and view the list of contacts.

In this way, you can search business contacts via contact points, find potential customers with whom you aren't connected, tag and manage them, and ultimately approach them.


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