Setting reminders

With the Sansan reminder function, you can connect Reminders to business cards or Reports, and have notification emails sent to you at times you decide. Unlike general reminder tools, as these can be connected to Reports, when you receive the emails, you can quickly understand what the purpose and background were for the next action, what action should next be taken, and for what purpose. Here we will show how to register reminders.


Situations where reminders could be used

  • Setting reminders for yourself from Reports (when the timing for the next proposal is, what materials should be made, what should be researched)
  • Reminding yourself to update business cards based upon the date of personnel change information.
  • Informing other users in your company to reach out to a business card you have, For example, "John, please get in touch with Mr. Thompson."



  • For one reminder setting, up to 10 users can be specified (Use the control key for multiple selection). However, if the reminder is registered at the same time as a Report is registered, and if the registration is done from a mobile phone, the reminder can only be sent to the person registering it.
  • Email notifications will be sent to both the main and sub email addresses registered into Sansan.
  • You can check the reminders you have registered in a list. The list of reminders will include not only the reminders you have registered but also reminders that other users have registered to be sent to you.


How to register reminders

1. From Sansan for PC, reminders can be registered from the BizCards screen, the Business card details screen, Details about this person, and the Report screen. 

Registering Reminders from the BizCards screen


Registering Reminders from Details about this person or the Business card details screen


2. The Reminder registration screen will come up. Specify "Date/Time", "Notify", and "Notes", and then click on "Save".


Registering reminders at the same time you register Reports
For these, the only recipient will be the person registering the reminder.

Registering reminders from the Report list

  • Display as list

  • Display by report


Reminder list

From the BizCards screen, click on "Reports", then "Reminders", and you can check the list of reminders.

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