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Login Issues

※ For companies with SAML Authentication, please contact your company administrator as passwords are managed by the company server.


The following error message popped up.
"Login failed. Either your email or password is incorrect, or you do not have access rights. Please contact your administrator." What does this mean and what can I do?

1. Email address is incorrect or is not registered in your company's account. Please contact your administrator to confirm your login email.
2. Password entered was incorrect.
Reset your password if you are unsure what your password is.


I requested to reset my password, but have not received an email to proceed. Why is this and what can I do? 

1. Email was identified as spam. Search for the email subject Reset Password in your junk box.
2. Email address is incorrect or not registered with Sansan. Please contact your administrator to confirm your login email.
3. Your email server has blocked the email. Ask your company's email administrator to whitelist the domain name


I have forgotten or lost my password. What can I do?

Reset your password.


The following message popped up. "Email address format is incorrect." What can I do?

Check that the entered email address is in valid format. i.e. includes the @ symbol and the correct domain name such as .com.


On the Reset Your Password screen, the Reset Password button is grayed out.

Your password does not comply with your company's password policy. Hover over the first input window to see the policy. If you enter and reenter your password to satify this policy, you will then be able to click the button.

The following error message popped up. "Account Locked".

Your account will be locked after five consecutive failed login attempts. Once locked, you are restricted from logging in even with the correct login details.
Please reset your password. in order to unlock your account.


I cannot access the login page. Why is this?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to access the login page. Learn more here.

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