Summary of the Details about this person screen / What the most recent card is

Information that is collated about one person can all be viewed in a list. (This screen is the Details about this person screen).
Here we will explain the top, middle, and bottom of this screen.

At the top, the most recent card of this person will be displayed.
*The business card with the most recent received date is recognized as the most recent business card.


Top of the screen

This shows Information about this person, namely, Most recent information about this person, career, and memos.

1. Contact Information: This is the most recent card (most recent date received) of all the cards recognized to be from this person.
2. Icons: You can use these to set reminder, access Google map, print, transfer to Salesforce, copy information about this person, and to copy the URL of the screen.
*"Transfer to Salesforce" icon will only be displayed for users who have been given permission for this.
3. Card History: Here is displayed the history of card information collated about this person.


Middle of the screen

Other Info: Information such as the alma mater or interests of the person in question can be edited or deleted.

This kind of information, the characteristics, the interests, the birthday, the number of people in his or her family, can be very useful for making small talk or selecting presents. All users who can open the Details about this person screen can update this information.

To add information, click on "Edit", add the information to each field, and then click "Save".


Memo: Here are displayed all the memos attached to each business card for this person.


Bottom of the screen

Most recent news: Here you are notified of the most recent news about this person or his or her company.

The most recent item of "Company News", "Internal News", and "HR Changes" will be displayed.


Tags: All the tags attached to business cards of this person will be displayed (up to 20 tags can be displayed).


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