About career history

Here we will explain the Career screen, which displays all the career collated under this same person. All the business card information about this person is displayed as a list here.



1. Click on the contact you want to know more about from your contact list.

2. Click 'Career' or 'See more'.



1. Since when this contact is using this card
2. Company name, department, and position
3. Updates
  You can find out who and when a colleague exchanged cards with this contact.
  Resignation updates will be displayed here too.

  If there are cards created based on contact updates, the following information will be displayed instead of the card received date.

Source Date that will be displayed
*About News from Sansan
Date of position change
Eight profile Position update date

  Careers will be displayed in the below order:
  - Card received date
  - Position update date
  - Eight profile update date


4. From here, you can set this person as resigned. Find out more here.


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