Fields and privileges for adding/editing users

Company administrators have the authority to add users on Sansan, and give privileges to certain users. The below table explains the fields which appear when adding and editing users, and the relevant privileges which can be given.


Field Comment
Locked account If this field is checked, the administrator can go to Admin Settings to send a password reset email. Learn more about this here.
Department Select the user's department. A user can belong to multiple departments, separated by commas in the order listed. The first division of the department to which a card holder belongs is shown in the card holder information.
create/add departments here.
User ID Unique IDs are allocated to all users .
Username Every account has a representative name.
Alternative Name The administrator can register 2 names for users who go by multiple names (e.g. Chinese users with local or anglicised names). Both names will appear on the profile and are searchable.
Email Address Used for login and resetting passwords. News and notifications will be sent to this address.
Sub-Email Address Cannot be used for login, but users can set a separate email to receive news and notifications.
Start Using Date The date the user started using/can start using their account.
Language User's chosen default language.
Format for Incoming Email User's preferred email format (HTML or plain text).
SAML Name ID ID required for SAML connection (not the user ID).
User Type User type based on user privileges.
Company administrators have the authority to add users, edit user privileges, and manage system operations (is also the contact person of the company).
Departmental administrators are restricted to managing system operations. Learn more about privileges here
All Data Edit Users can edit and delete all data.
Download Cards, Reports (My Data) Users can download their own cards and reports. Learn more on downloading cards here, and downloading reports here.
Download Cards, Reports (All Data) Users can download all cards and reports in the company.
Download Cards, Reports (Custom) Users can download specified departments' cards and reports.
Learn more about customising download permissions here.
Email Users can send bulk emails to all contacts they have access to.
Opportunities (General User) Users can view and create new reports. Learn more about opportunities here.
Opportunities (Administrator) Users can create new company masters, fields, and manage notifications. Learn more about managing opportunities here.
API Connection

Users can issue API keys to other users. Learn more about API connection here, and Zapier Connection here.

View Usage Record Users can download information on user activity in CSV format, such as login frequency, number of cards ,and involvement in reports etc. Learn more about it here.
Download Company, Organization Tree Users can download the organization tree. Learn more about it here.

* Number / Number of contract IDs
The number here will be the number of allowed users in the contract. Users who are on a different contract in the same company are not included.

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