Changing departments displayed on the Sansan scanner (tablet PC)

Administrators can change the departments that are displayed on the Sansan scanner (tablet PC). Here we will show how to do this. To change the departments all at once from a CSV file, please see here.

* This explanation is only for changing the departments displayed on the Sansan scanner (tablet PC). If you would like to actually add (or delete) departments, please see here.



  • To use this function, you need administrator level permission.
  • After the changes are complete, an email notification of the contents of the change will be sent to the system administrator.
    (The subject of the email sent will be "Sansan Scanner display departments have been changed".)



1. From the Sansan scanner you wish to change departments displayed on, go to "Menu" on the upper right, then "Settings", and touch check the last two digits of the Scanner app ID.

2. From your PC, log in to Sansan, then click on "Admin Settings", then "Sansan scanner departments".


3. Find the numbers you want to chenge and click "Edit".
* You can search for the scanner you want to change from the search box using "Scanner app ID", "Location of scanner", or "Department name".


4. Put (or remove) a check in the checkbox next to the department you wish to display, and then click on "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

* When you do this, "Location of scanner " must be filled in.
Managing the location of a device will be useful for checking the loss or operating conditions of the terminal.
(Osaka branch) (Sales department, West side) (13th floor break area)

5. From the upper right of the target Sansan Scanner screen, touch "Sync". The changes made will be reflected.

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