Checking actual usage by users (Downloading usage report)

You can download user log-in rates, business cards held, contact report usage rates and the like in CSV format. Here we will show you how to check the actual usage by users.



・To use this function, you will need permission to "Check actual usage". For more information about giving permissions, see here.
・For Number of cards held ,the following are included.

(Cards deleted) (Cards currently being input) (Private cards) (Enter manually)
(Business cards moved by holder change) (Imported business cards) (Business cards that could not be read)


1.Click on "Admin Settings" at the upper right, then on "Usage records".

2. Click the Download button for the day you want to extract in the "Usage Records" section.
* The items that can be downloaded can be seen in "Explanations of Each Item in the File" in the image below.

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