Setting categories for Reports

Company administrators can add and edit fields used when creating reports, which allows for better classification of information related to reports, hence improving searchability.


Things to note

  • Only users with the same privileges as the company administrators are authorized to use this function.
  • Users can register up to 10 categories, 20 pull-down fields, and 20 templates.
  • What happens to reports when you change or delete a category or item.
    • Change category/item: The updated content will be displayed.
    • Change order of items: No effect.
    • Delete category/item: Category/item is removed from reports.




Steps to take

Click Admin Settings then Reports Settings.


Add categories

1. Under "Category settings" click "New Category".


2. Enter a category name up to 20 characters.


3.  Enter an item name up to 20 characters.


You can also drag and drop items to reorder them.



Edit/delete categories

1. Under "Category settings", you can Edit or Delete a category. These are done one at a time.

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