How to scan cards

The first and most important function to get familiarized with is how to scan your cards to digitize the data. Before you start, make sure that Sansan Scanner and tablet are connected. Learn more about Setting up the Sansan scanner.



Select the primary language of the card to ensure accurate digitization.



Step by step

1. Place card in scanner

Place so that the side you want to scan is facing you.


2. Select your user account

Select your department and name on the tablet.


If your name is not displayed under the selected department, you can search for it by tapping on the search box at the top.



3. Select language

If the card's primary language is not English, click Select to choose another language. Learn more about language setup.


4. Additional information

Date received:

  • To keep your contacts as organized as possible, we recommend you make sure you select the correct date you received each card.
  • If you have written a date by hand on the card, you can tap "Date written on card" and that will also be read and digitized.

N.B. Handwritten dates will be digitized on a best-effort basis. The rules on writing dates are explained in Digitization Policy which can be found in the footer of our website.

Add Tag:
You can add existing tags or create a new tag to add.

Other options:
Here you can set Priority and Sides to digitize.


5. Start Scanning

Tap Scan when you're ready. The scanned data will be sent to Sansan's server for digitization approximately 3 minutes after scanning.
Read about cancelling the data transfer to the server.

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