Setting the time on the tablet PC

Here we will show how to adjust the time on the tablet PC.

Before we ship out the tablet PCs, we set them to the correct time. However, if for some reason there is some discrepancy in the time, use this to adjust it.


1. Press the "Power" button at the upper right of the screen, and from the window that comes up choose "Exit Application".

2. Click on the date and time displayed in the lower right of the screen, and choose "Change date and time settings" .

3. From the Internet Time tab, choose "Change settings".

4. Click the "Update now" button, and after the message saying "This computer is set to automatically synchronise on a scheduled basis." appears, click on "OK".
*If the synchronization fails, try clicking the "Update now" button again.

5. From the desktop, reopen the Scanner App.

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